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Cisco IP Multiplexing Feature License - Licencia - 1 enrutador FL-IPMULT-SML=
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Cisco IP Multiplexing improves bandwidth efficiency over a packets-per-second (pps)-constrained link by using proprietary multiplexing schemes to combine multiple small IP packets from a single stream, or multiple streams, into a large packet, and then sending this large packet over the pps-constrained link. A demultiplexing process is then executed by another instance of the same product on the other end of the pps-constrained link. Cisco IP Multiplexing automatically engages when multiple packets are heading for the same destination. Prior to multiplexing, each additional voice over IP (VoIP) call would use up multiple pps slots. Multiplexing the VoIP packets from multiple calls within the same larger packet means that addition of another VoIP call stream may not require more pps slots, meaning that more of the pps slots can be used by other applications. Thus Cisco IP Multiplexing increases overall throughput over the constrained link.